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Meet The Gang

Pictures by Steve Thewis at Studio Infinity

Man of Mirth

Johnny Murph presents Plenty of Seventies

About Johnny Murph

Back in 2012, initially looking to attend a presentation course for work.     I found myself at the doors of ‘The Comedy School’ in London. After an eight-week course covering the basics of putting together a set, I found myself on stage in front of an audience of 200 people for my very first gig. My second gig was in front of three people, truth be told I preferred the first gig.


Since then I have played hundreds of gigs to various sized audiences from 3 to 336 from Hull to Plymouth! Had regular MC slots and gigs in London and Home Counties and generally as one does in comedy…. had a good laugh!

Highlights to this point have been winning the Audience Choice Award for best show at the Brighton Fringe festival and enjoying sell out audiences as a result. Becoming resident MC for Big Grin City Comedy Club at the RADA Studios in London and of course best of all, presenting Plenty of Seventies on Leighton Buzz Radio.  


Plenty of Seventies Sunday Night at 8pm

He Rocks

Gaz presents Solid Rock and the Gaz & Drena Show

More about Gaz

Gaz presents the Solid Rock show and is a big fan of Genesis, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits to name a few groups.

His claim to fame is he sleeps with the boss of Leighton Buzz Radio

Favourite food: probably ice cream but being from Newcastle, gravy is also up there.

She Means Business

Bekka presents Business Talk with Bekka Prideaux

More about Bekka

Bekka is a Leadership Coach who has worked with some of the most recognizable brands in the world on leadership development, project management, and business effectiveness initiatives. With a 25-year track record of success, Bekka brings a unique blend experience and coaching strategies to her work with leaders, their teams and projects.

She’s the co-founder of the Virtual Collaboration Academy, which is designed to help address the growing trend of remote work and virtual teams and to foster stronger collaborations and communication in an online world.

When she is not working Bekka can be found walking her dog, drinking coffee or reading! She loves theatre, photography papercrafting and music.

Bekka is fascinated by people and business and she can’t wait to share this with you on Business Talk! Bekka and her guests talk about a broad range of subjects as they share stories, hints and tips that are relevant where ever you are listening. As well as featuring conversations with guests, the show feature business book reviews and local business news and events.

If you are looking for real conversations about business and work where people share their experiences for all our benefit, you are going to love Business Talk with Bekka Prideaux.
You can contact the show by emailing

You can find out more about Bekka and listen to past episodes at and you can or

Bossing It

Drena manages the station and records interviews with local people

About Drena

Leighton Buzz Radio station manager.

Drena presents the Daily Quickie every weekday 10:30am and 4:30pm

Favourite food: ice-cream

Favourite films: usual suspects, Thursday, The Lake House to name a few

Work: In the old days, health & fitness but for the last 7 years happily working at the beehive producing Bee Local Magazine,

Radio: I did a 12 week show on Milton Keynes station Secklow Sound and then spent the next 2 years figuring out how to start a station for Leighton Buzzard.

Music: love all sorts of music; still listen to stiff little fingers, pink floyd, dire straits, green day, like oldies rock ‘n’ roll through to 60’s.  Also love a bit of R & B, plus all the CHEESY pop too.


He's Vocal and Local

Gennaro Borrelli present Voice Of The Town

About Gennaro

He’s the Voice of the Town
Gennaro Borrelli has always been known as a voice in the town with his tireless efforts to support all things local. Many will be familiar with his regular column in the LBO, but now Gennaro is also Voice of The Town on his new radio show of the same.

As a chairman of LB First, an organisation that promotes the town centre and encourages people to use local businesses Gennaro is using his show for the good of the town. The show  covers the issues that affect Leighton Buzzard such as the recent planning application for the land at the back of the Post Office, off Church Square. It will also include interviews with local people and organisations who are active in the town and highlight all the good things that are going on in our community.

Gennaro says “in my own hairdressing business I hear all about the things that concern people and Voice of the Town on Leighton Buzz Radio will be a great way to let those concerns be heard.”

Gennaro has also been working behind the scenes with Leighton Linslade Town Council to put on Independent’s Day an annual event that runs alongside the Charter Market which highlights independent local shops, market traders and businesses.

He's Poptastic

Chris presents All About The 90’s

Find out about Chris
Having lived in the Leighton area for over 40yrs I’ve enjoyed watching my home town grow and achieve bigger things.
By day I work in the gardening industry maintaining properties across town and beyond for over 22yrs. 
The opportunity came along for me to achieve something that I have always wanted to do and never felt possible. To be part of a great team at Leighton Buzz Radio I now have the chance every week to play a decade of music that saw me grow from being a boy to a teen and then a man “All about the 90s” is 60mins where anything and everything will be played. (With the exception of Zig and Zag) 
Feel free to find me and add me on the social feeds, more likely to find me on Facebook as I’m not that clued up on Instagram or Twitter
Is shopping a profession?

Chloe presents The Coffee Break

More to Chloe right here
Chloe is the presenter of The Coffee Break a daily show about all things Leighton Buzzard plus chats, much randomness thrown in for good measure and some good tunes too.
Away from the station she runs The Bee’s Knees Business Club with her friend Emma Curzon, a relaxed and fun networking group for local ladies in business. The group helps create true connections amongst the local business community.
Chloe also runs Jam on Toast Marketing, an independent marketing agency specialising working with small to medium businesses predominately in Leighton Buzzard. She loves finding out about local, independent businesses creating marketing and PR strategies, and making a difference.
Favourite food: Cheesecake, maybe any cake…
Favourite music: Love a bit of 90’s indie.. and cheesy 90’s Pop..
Favourite sport: Not really her forte but if she was forced to do it if her life depended on it… running.
Favourite saying: You are not everyone’s cup of tea
The Queen to his King

Steph is the co-presenter on the King Jerky Show 

About Steph

Steph (Queen Jerky) has the patience of a saint and does her best to keep Guy on the straight and narrow between the lines of decency.  Frequently challenged with word of the week the much suffering Stef is the voice of calm amongst the madness.

When not on the King Jerky show Steph Sargent has a busy career in PR

He's Unique

Guy Venner (and sometimes Steph) presents the King Jerky Show 

About Guy Venner

King Jerky, aka Guy Venner, is frankly not quite all there in the head. Born and bred in Bedfordshire this man has a chequered past which includes running away to join the circus as a fire eater after university, working around the world as a scuba diving instructor and most recently moving back to the county and running two businesses: teaching first aid and plumbing.
The author of children’s cartoon books and a plumbing memoir (10 Years in the Sh*t) King Jerky/Guy has now put down roots back where he grew up and has hit the airwaves with a mission to entertain. It’s fair to say, you’ve never heard anything like him before!

He's Got The Blues

Steve James Presents The Blues Cafe

About Steve

He’s got the Blues

I live in Bedfordshire and am a lifelong musician having picked up the guitar at 12 years old. I love all types of music and have played in many different types of bands from blues to dance to jazz to folk. Still playing in bands and love every minute of it. I have a special love of the Blues and sharing that love with people on the air is a real privilege. However, my love of all music comes across in my show in the ‘Joker in the Pack’ slot where I play a song that is not necessarily Blues but one I really love. 

The Blues Cafe is my venture into Radio …

Member of the IBBA (Independent Blues Broadcasters Association).

Member of the UK Blues Federation.

A Little Bit Country

Russell Auty presents A Little Bit Country

About Russell

I have been interested in bands since my son had his own band playing Indie Music where I went around the gigs with him.  Later I used to go to London with my son to hear bands such as Razorlight, Oasis,Muse, Blur etc. Then  in 2008 I thought there must be good bands locally as they have to start somewhere. I was going to gigs 2 or 3 times a week listening to bands and having their music to play on my programmes.  I start  broadcasting on  1000 mikes and Blogtv for  few years, then join Radiomk which I have been broadcasting 11 years playing both pop music and Country & Western Music.  Now joining Leighton Buzz Radio playing Country & Western Music.

Popcorn Ready

Harriet Flitton presents That’s Entertainment

About Harriet
You can catch Harriet each week on her show “That’s Entertainment” providing you the latest in film and tv.
Listen in to find out her thoughts and reviews on the latest releases locally and nationally!
Favourite food: My go to food is always fish and chips. My every day vice would be Wispa chocolate bar (with a cuppa tea).
Favourite films: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (all Guy Richie films), Bridget Jones and childhood classic Mrs Doubtfire
Work: Day to day I work as an Events Manager producing events nationally, prior to that I have worked in PR and account management.
Radio: Many moons ago I used to work as part of the Promotional team for Chiltern FM and Heart FM. So I have always had a love for radio.
Music: I like anything from Oasis, The Spice Girls to Celine Dion, those who know me will know i am a HUGE Craig David fan so I have a love for Garage and R&B.

Growing up in my household we listened to a lot of Motown and the swinging 60’s.

Retro Kinda Guy

Ian Davison presents Retro Remix and This is Not A Love Song

About Ian

He loves a remix and is not about to be pinned down to a genre of music.  A passion for all music and offering an antidote to late night love shows, Ian’s taste is that often quoted but rare to truly find eclectic.

Not Souled Out

Hugh Williams presents the Souled Out Show

About Hugh

My name is Hugh Williams and I have been a DJ and radio presenter for over 30 years. I love all things soulful.