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Leighton Buzz Radio’s Solid Rock show this week features an interview with the authors of a new book about Mick Ronson.

Written by on 15th October 2022


The book is by Rupert Creed and Garry Burnett and is called The Mick Ronson Story: Turn And Face The Strange and was published by McNidder & Grace in September 2022.

Here’s Steve with more information:

Nicknamed “Ronno” Mick Ronson was the talented guitarist, arranger and producer who was part of David Bowie’s live band at a crucial time in the pop icon’s career. He worked with Bowie on his seminal albums Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane. I was joined by the authors Rupert and Garry for a lovely chat about their fascinating book. They have also been responsible for a show about the guitarist who came from working class beginnings in Hull. Mick Ronson dazzled Bowie’s audiences with his guitar virtuosity and stage presence. He almost didn’t make it in the music industry, returning to his gardening job in Hull after an unsatisfactory period in London. It was drummer John Cambridge who encouraged him to return to London and introduced him to Bowie. John or ‘Cambo’ as he’s known has his own book called Bowie, Cambo & All The Hype that listeners may remember I interviewed this time last year.

In my interview with Rupert and Garry we discuss Mick’s origins, his musicianship, his musical career and relationship with Bowie and other artists he has worked with. Mick Ronson’s career included work with other pop greats like Morrissey, Midge Ure, John Mellencamp, Bob Dylan and Ian Hunter. Sadly, he died quite young due to liver cancer and he didn’t make the same kind of money as other artists but since his death his legacy has only increased as his talent is now being appreciated for how large it actually was. It was a lovely chat and I hope listeners enjoy it and decide to read the book because it is a great read.