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Getting On Air with WebVT

Getting On Air with WEBVT

The software we use is called Playout One Pro, it runs the station, files our music, adds our jingles and keeps things on time, including bringing in the national news and weather. Within this is software called WebVT (the VT stands for Voice Track). Most of our new presenters use WebVT to broadcast from their own homes.


To become a presenter you will require a PC or laptop with up-to-date software either on Windows or Mac You will also need a usb mic, (unless you use a mixing desk) – you can see previous posts within our Facebook group about which mic to use. You might also find it easier to have a mic stand and headphones.

Logging In

To log in to WebVT you go here

You username and password will be provided to you via email before you start. If you haven’t received this or have lost them, no problem, contact the Station Manager on

Time Slot
You will also be given a time slot which is your practice hour. In this hour you will be able to experiment with getting onto the system, setting up your mic, creating voice tracks and learning to set up your show.

Important Things to Remember

There are couple of things to remember when you are in your practice hour.

Only use the practice hour you have been designated. Please double check AM/PM the day and the week you are on. The calendar remembers the last position you were on which may not be the current week.

You may see commands such as ‘Run To Time’ ‘Hitmarker’ ‘Automation On’ these are commands to the software to keep everything running smoothly. Please don’t move, delete or change these in anyway. You will also see orange and red items with the category ‘news’. This is our national news feed and again please leave everything in this section as it is. If for any reason you accidentally alter any of these just contact the Station Manager either in the Facebook group or by email and we will fix it.

On the next page is the first WebVT training video. We suggest that you watch the webVT training video once all they way through and then log in to WebVT and watch it again following along with the steps as you go – it helps to have the video open on a separate screen if at all possible.