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Kids Fun

Don’t turn to drink here is a list of great resources to keep you children amused while they are at home

First, of course our own show on Leighton Buzz Radio every Monday to Friday at 2pm a crazy half hour of fun, music and activities to keep them entertained.  Some might even be slightly educational – just don’t tell them that!

Five Minute Challenge

Throughout the day on Leighton Buzz Radio Chloe brings you 5 minute challenges to do with your children – every little helps just stay tuned to hear them.

Only Kidz Aloud

A fun interactive radio show to entertain the children – if only for a little while!

Fun Drawing

Red Poppy Studios are producing colouring and drawing sheets you can download and print at home.  They contain fun and brilliant suggestions for ideas for drawings and if you can’t print them get in touch with Red Poppies and you can pick up copies from the studio in Nicholson Drive.  Find out more here


Paint Pouring Tutorials

GC Artworks are doing at home paint pouring tutorials.  Visit their facebook page to find out what supplies you need (scroll down video and list at 19th March) and then watch the videos to learn different acrylic pouring techniques.



Reasons To Be Cheerful are offering paint at home ceramics.

Sunshine Softplay

Sunshine Softplay are doing a daily boredom buster on their Facebook Page


Virtual Library – it’s not just books

The library may be closed but its virtual service is still active and they don’t just do books, there’s also magazines,  music and audio books too.



Home School Help (For Parents)

A place for parents (or helpful teachers!) to upload VIDEOS of their home school activities for other parents to show their own children!



Ragdolly Annas – South Beds

Ragdolly Annas are doing live activity sessions find out more here


“Breakfast Boost with Power Thoughts”

Sessions every Monday , Wednesday and Friday at 08:30 am via Instagram and Facebook live

Designed to help children to have ‘power’ over their own thoughts so that they feel calmer, happier and more confident within themselves. Sharing tools and tips to help children (and parents) navigate the feelings, worries and changes, using activities from the Power Cards and books.


World Stories

Children’s Charity KidsOut have a library of stories from around the world translated into languages that the majority of UK children speak – there are about 150 stories on there and they are also being read out on the Only Kidz Aloud show on Leighton Buzz Radio Monday to Friday 2pm


The Sidlaw Hare

The sidlaw Hare are sharing daily activity videos on their facebook page


Resolve to Play 

A blog about how to manage both having children at home and working simultaneously or



Craft Ideas and Literacy
not local but lots of great ideas