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Davey B shows

Davey B now lives in Linslade with his wife. As well as having a ‘normal’ job in a systems engineering company.

His show-biz career had a flying, well more of a strolling, start when he appeared as a squire in the Wagner opera, Parsifal, at the Royal Opera House in 1973. He didn’t sing, but was required to walk across the stage twice a night with a spear!

Following a break of 30 years or so, Davey’s next stage appearances were in the PTA’s annual Panto production at his kids’ junior school for about 10 years – at least he had lines and a bit of slapstick to learn this time, as well as a song or two to frighten the audience with. During the Summer months, the school’s PTA also created and produced themed sketch and music shows, which, Davey partly wrote and performed in.

After a further 19 year break from the bright lights and make-up, Davey has now discovered the joy that is presenting a weekly radio show on Leighton Buzz Radio. This was prompted by one of his ‘normal’ job’s colleagues assuring him that he had the right face for radio and that he might as well use his voice for something useful – ‘it’s always great to be surrounded by such supportive friends,’ he quipped.

Given his vintage and because his sisters and brother were much older than him, it’s not surprising that Davey’s musical tastes are built on a foundation from the ’60s and ’70s great acts. He is a big fan of the Rolling Stones, Queen, Rod Stewart, Simon & Garfunkel, which he seen perform live, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Beatles and many others from that era. In fact, the first single he remembers buying with his own pocket money was ‘Bits and Pieces’ by the Dave Clark Five which he heard in the sound booth of a record shop in Finchley, North London where he grew up. He can’t remember if this was his choice or if he was coerced into buying it by his eldest sister, who had probably spent all her money on something else!

As well as presenting Davey is on the management team for community engagement