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Ray W shows

Having earned such plaudits as “occasionally competent” (Mixmag),

“almost as sexy as Michael Gove” (Cosmopolitan)

and “that annoying bloke who keeps pestering us for an audition” (Radio 2),

Ray is very happy to have joined Leighton Buzz Radio.

Sometimes as funny as he seems to think he is,  presenting on LB Radio combines his two favourite hobbies of talking incessantly and playing great music. The music selection is from anywhere over the last 60-odd years: the Stones, the Beatles, Motown, Stax, Bowie, REM, right up to Celeste and Harry Styles.

The discussions cover the pressing topics of the day, such as “Is it possible to hate Marmite but like Twiglets?” and “Does anybody apart from Nans buy Fondant Fancies?” So tune in and enjoy some quality music and discussion with the man voted “293rd best DJ in Liechtenstein”, 2013. You know it makes sense…