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What did Adam Ant and the Sex Pistols have in common?

Written by on 10th November 2020

by Stephen Payne

Last week we talked about how Boney M. are performing at a local festival called Chilfest. The famous Disco band is not the only big name there though, headlining the event is the prince of New Wave, Adam Ant.

While Adam (Stuart Leslie Goddard) and his band the Ants are often categorised with the movement known as the New Romantics, a point that is debated even by themselves, the band first got their start in the punk movement of the late 70s. The band formed in 1977 following the influx of punk bands being formed after the Sex Pistols first performance. The band toured England while releasing a few singles. One of these was 1977s “Deutscher Girls” a song that appeared in the seminal “Punk” film “Jubilee”, a film in which Adam also acted in. The band then released their debut album “Dirk Wears White Sox” in 1979.

Adam approached the Sex Pistols manager, Malcom McLaren, about managing the band. Malcom liked the band but believed their music was too esoteric, He took all of the band apart from Adam and formed Bow Wow Wow. Adam was by himself, but he refused to let this stop him.

It wasn’t long before Adam had reformed the Ants and had managed to sign a deal with CBS Records. The subsequent releases of their album “Kings of the Wild Frontier” and the single “Antmusic” became enormous hits in the UK and caused “Antmania” to hit the country. The band then released their most famous album “Prince Charming.” This album featured two No. 1 UK Singles, the title track “Prince Charming” and “Stand and Deliver.” In March 1982, Adam felt that some members of the band “Lacked enthusiasm” so disbanded the group. It seemed that “Antmania” was finished, but Adam wasn’t done yet.

After the band split, Adam decided it was time to go solo. He continued to work with some members of his old band such as song writing partner Marco Pirroni, he was now a solo act. Adam Ants first solo hit single was “Goody Two Shoes” which made it too No. 1 in the UK charts. Adam also went on to create successful albums such as “Friend or Foe”, the title track of which reached No. 9 in the UK charts.

Adam Ant would go on to perform as a solo artist up to this very day. While he would have numerous breaks in his career and change in record labels it seems that the prince of the New Wave is in his element when he’s on stage.