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Leighton Buzzard’s JamCrackers to help disadvantaged home-schoolers

Written by on 16th January 2021

JamCrackers need your help… 


With the COVID 19 pandemic keeping children away from school, for many, home-schooling has become the only option.  


But, to learn from home and to access the relevant, online resources requires the use of a computer, preferably a laptop.  


For many children, this isn’t a problem, but sadly for many other children it is. This is why we’ve decided to join forces with Tanswell Technology Ltd to restore old and unused laptops, and then donate them to those children most in need. 


This is where you come in… 


If you have any unused laptops lying around, we’d love you to donate them. Whatever their condition, we’ll do our best to get them working and install the relevant operating systems, such as Windows 10 or Chromium OS, so that the recipient can access whichever remote-learning platform they need. 


Your data security will be a priority. 


We take your data security extremely seriously, so if you do donate a laptop, rest assured, we’ll securely wipe all the disks (or return them if you wish), and install a completely new operating system. 


Once we’ve received your donations, we’ll contact schools in the local and surrounding areas, so that they can ensure the re-purposed laptops get to the children most in need. 


Where to donate.  


Note: Due to the recent lockdown, you will have to make an appointment, which you can easily do via 01525 331 060 or email us at