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Featured Show – Solid Rock with Steve Ashwell

Written by on 5th May 2021

Featured Show – Solid Rock with Steve Ashwell

by Johnny Murph

In a small corner of Leighton Buzzard every Wednesday evening at 7pm. Steven Ashwell has a red-hot cauldron of steaming hot molten classic rock and metal music bubbling away with his Solid Rock show on Leighton Buzz Radio

Steve first encountered the metal music genre at the tender age of seven when a classmate of his, brought in a copy of rock music magazine called ‘Kerrang’. Contained within its pages were stories about bands and also photographs of those bands. One image in particular of the flamboyantly attired Glam rockers KISS ‘blew his mind’ at the time. Family influences also played their part too, as both his Father and his brother were both big rock fans. With rock music all around him growing up. What other music than rock and heavy metal could he possibly be into?

His love for metal music manifested itself in many ways, when in his school metalwork class he fashioned himself a pendant in the shape of a Black Sabbath cross. It also happened that his school was right next door to famous Birmingham music venue JBs on King Street. Was there any escape from the power of rock? It appears not!

His SOLID ROCK SHOW (Wed 7pm) is based around rock and metal music. Containing a mix of news, recent releases and also a music showcase for upcoming bands. Retro rock gets a look in, with music from Sixties and Seventies featured for good measure.

When Steve first got involved with the station it was not really with the idea of becoming a presenter at all. A keen photographer he was hoping to utilise his creative talents (which he has, having snapped most of his fellow presenters). However he also found with the opportunity to front his own show. He grabbed that opportunity and has not looked back.

Besides presenting the Solid Rock Show, he is recording a series of special shows. Starting with interviews with local author Laura Shenton discussing the books and artist she has written about, Deep Purple, Kate Bush, Jethro Tull and Tears For Fears. A show about Bob Dylan, to coincide with his 80th Birthday is also in the special pipeline.

One interview that he would wished could have taken place was with former front man of the band Nirvana, Kurt Cobain. Steven feels that he was such a beacon for a whole generation of disenfranchised music fans concerned with the state music has fallen in to during the 1990s. He would have loved to chat to Kurt about where he felt his music would take him and the band. If they planned to tour and whom they would choose as tour support.

Steve is looking forward to getting out to see some live music again. He recalls his last big concert being the birthday celebration for Richard Thompson at the Royal Albert hall. Featuring legend such as David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Hugh Cornwall (Stranglers), Derek Smalls (Spinal Tap).

The Solid Rock Show is for anyone who enjoys rock & metal music through their different genres and decades. Every week is different and varied music content wise. With a watchful eye cast over the latest rock news and rock & metal charts.

If you want to experience the might power of rock, tune in every Wednesday at 7pm to the Solid Rock Show

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