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500 Club


A 500 club is established to raise funds for a specific cause. A percentage of funds raised from the subscription (currently £2 per month per person) is provided as prize money and the rest of the funds go to supporting your local radio station. As a supporter of Leighton Buzz Radio you will help us achieve our aims.

The aim of Leighton Buzz Radio is specifically to support the community of the Leighton Buzzard area including:-
• Providing publicity for community events
• Providing publicity for charities, not-for-profits and other organisations that benefit our community.
• Attending community events
• Broadcasting news and essential information for our listeners specific to the Leighton Buzzard area.
• Allowing a platform for the community to express their opinions
• Promote all that is good about the Leighton Buzzard area to support our local economy
• Provide training and opportunities to learn new skills
• Fundraise for local charity
• Provide an environment of friendship, support and inclusion for our volunteers.

The Leighton Buzz Radio 500 Club is currently being trialled with a small membership and will open to the public shortly.  To join simply email with the subject line ‘500 Club’ and details will be sent out to you.

Winners 2022

20th December Draw

1st prize: #1  2nd prize:#2  3rd prize: #10

Winners 2023

20th January Draw

1st prize #1,  2nd prize #9, 3rd prize #2



500 Club Rules – leighton buzz radio