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Making Your Show Your Own


Congratulations on completing Stage 1 of your Training

  • You should now be familiar with
    our station and our aims
    be able to log in to webVT and record your voice
    move tracks around
    understand a radio clock hour structure
    understand housekeeping, stationality and link structure

Making Your Show Your Own

Next you will make a show personal to you by adding content to your hour.


Now we get to the content of your show. This is the chance to really make your show your own

As we have covered before, you can think of each hour as a clock face and this is an easy way to segment your show to plan your content for example:-

If you are specialist music show perhaps your first hour can contain 4 segments 1. rock news, 2. Rock on this day in history, 3, artist of the week and 4. Album review. That doesn’t mean a whole 15 minutes will include only that content but it gives you a focus for each section, something to tease and trail and also a way of thinking of your hour plan.

When delivering the Buzzing Music Mix you can rely on the music if you want but many of our presenters add in a ‘what’s on locally,’ maybe a quiz question, an artist double track feature or local news and many other ideas to make their show their own and give our listeners a reason to tune in.  Regular features like this let your audience know what to expect from you particularly if they listen in at the same time every day.

The Importance of Local

We are a local station – imagine you are on holiday, miles from home and somebody mentions your home town – your ears prick up and your are instantly alert. Leighton Buzz Radio is about our home town so people love to hear about their street, their favourite bar and things familar to them.

This is your chance to bring your personality to what you do but don’t worry if you just want it to be about the music for now (always true if you have a specific music show obviously) that’s fine too.