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Promoting Your Show

Your Show Profile

All our volunteers are added to the ‘Meet The Gang page. Please send in a short bio and a headshot so that you can join us. You can take a look at the page here to get some ideas

If you can find a photograph with a light or white background that helps a great deal. From time to time we have a photographer available and we can update any pictures then.

Each show has its own show tile, which you can use to promote yourself. You will be invited to become an ‘editor’ on the Leighton Buzz Radio Facebook page and this means you can make posts on our page to promote your show.

Sharing Leighton Buzz Radio with friends and family and inviting them to like our page and listen is one of the best ways to grow our listeners and therefore keep the station thriving.

You can submit blogs about your upcoming show or other news by sending to but please allow at least a week for upload.

We love our presenters to get creative but please do not tamper with the station’s logo colours or fonts. There is a style sheet at the end of the document which gives you the information of the station’s colours etc.

Promoting on Social Media

Our Ethos
Quite simply we love everything about Leighton Buzzard, its shops, its Council, the market, the businesses that operate in the area and all our fellow presenters and even our competitors. What we are trying to say here is Keep It Positive. The station’s number one goal is to promote our local area and if we do that we will get listeners.

Social Media Policy
Our social media policy
Leighton Buzz Radio strives to comply with the standards of broadcast set down by Ofcom with a view to becoming a DBS station in the future.  You may find that you have already seen much of this included in the training and as part of this we need to consider all media, including blogs, advertising and of course social media.
There is no desire to be draconian in our policy but it does reflect the need for people in the public eye (which as a presenter or representative of Leighton Buzz Radio, now includes you) to represent the station’s constitution and its role in our community.
You might want to consider having a radio show specific social media identity separate from your own personal accounts and ensure that your personal accounts are private if you feel that it would be difficult for you to comply with anything laid out below.

Social media policy for radio presenters and representatives in a community radio organization:

Professionalism: All radio presenters and representatives are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism on social media platforms. This includes being respectful and courteous in all communications and refraining from using offensive language or making derogatory comments about individuals or groups.

Accuracy: All information shared on social media platforms should be accurate and reliable. Radio presenters and representatives should ensure that they fact-check their sources before sharing any information or news.

Privacy: Radio presenters and representatives should respect the privacy of individuals and refrain from sharing any personal information without their consent. This includes photos, videos, and personal details.

Conflicts of Interest: Radio presenters and representatives should declare any conflicts of interest and refrain from making any comments or posts that could be seen as biased or unprofessional.

Discrimination: Radio presenters and representatives should adhere to the station’s rules on discrimination and not engage in any discriminatory behaviour based on gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, disability, religious or political belief, marital status, or age.

Political Neutrality: As a non-political and non-sectarian organization, radio presenters and representatives should avoid making political or religious statements or endorsing political candidates on their personal social media accounts.

Endorsements and Advertising: Radio presenters and representatives should be transparent when posting endorsements or advertising on their social media accounts. They should clearly disclose any sponsored content or partnerships.

Monitoring: The station may monitor the public social media activity of radio presenters and representatives to ensure compliance with the station’s policies and regulations. Radio presenters and representatives should be aware that their social media activity reflects on the station and may impact the reputation of the organization.

Consequences: Any breaches of the social media policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or volunteer position as laid out in our constitution.
By adhering to this social media policy, radio presenters can maintain the integrity and professionalism of the station on social media platforms.


Post as yourself not as the station, be clear about who you are and what you are promoting- ask for help if you are not sure how.

How, What, When and Why

You will have a show tile that gives the crucial information and an image for your show. The show tiles are handy for your promotion, but your photos relating to your show content, visitors, album covers, etc will create more interest and save repitition. If you have any news about your show and your guests then share it. You can also add that Leighton Buzz Radio is a local station, run by local volunteers celebrating the Leighton Buzzard area. Please avoid the term Community Radio because it infers that we are one of the Ofcom regulated FM stations.

Tagging and Hashtags

Tag your guests to give them an opportunity to share to their pages and grow your/our audience. If you are sharing local news then tag in any organisations that are key to the event. Tagging Bee Local Magazine will also help with getting news out there but obviously can’t be every time. You will receive notifications of all comments and posts – please only respond to comments on your own posts so that each show can build its own conversation with its listeners.

Hashtags #
The main hashtag for the station is #LBRadio
Additional hashtags we suggest are #LeightonBuzzRadio #LeightonBuzzardRadio #greatmusic #LeightonBuzzard you can add hashtags that suit your own shows too. When people search for or follow something hashtags help them find what they are looking for.


Humour is great for engagement but use with caution and play on the safe side. It goes without saying that anything non PC, political, sexual and religious are not acceptable and go against our ethos.


If you are posting to promote your show please be mindful of anyone else on that day. Keep it to one post for the show and one for the repeat. Mention and share each other’s posts. Speak to the other presenters and find out when they are posting – some shows that are together on the station’s schedule create posts together too.


Please ensure that any images are not copyrighted or someone elses material. Make sure you give the correct credit to images if required. If it is on Google it is not necessarily copyright free. Album covers can be used as long as you are talking about the artist, and promoting it in a positive way, they cannot be used as your show tile because this implies it is connected with your show but could be used a a social media post to say featuring on today’s show. If in doubt, ask.

Confidentiality and Security

Please do not share or divulge any information you learn about the station via it’s Facebook Page or any other means. This includes but is not limited to; insights, engagement, listener figures, passwords and marketing methods. Please do not adjust any page settings or add/alter any of the published sections on the page. As a public figure you may get more friend requests but if they are people you don’t know don’t feel obliged to accept them or if you want to then you can change your privacy setting so that they only see some things. Ask for help if you are not sure how to do this.