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Time to Launch

Congratulations it is time for your regular radio slot. You will probably know by now when that will be but if not contact the Station Manager.

Obviously the most important thing about your regular radio slot is to turn up and actually do it! The worst thing for the station is to promote a show that isn’t there.

Common Mistakes

Remember when voice-tracking that if the weather is nice right now it might not be when the show airs, equally don’t say good evening because that is when you are recording. Remember when you air, if you a referring to an event, so watch out for ‘tomorrow, ‘yesterday’ ‘last night’ etc. It is the fastest way to break the magic!

Ideally do your show as close to the time that you air as possible so that it sounds fresh and avoids the risk of a major event making you sound out of touch – if something does happen locally or nationally and you have a chance a carefully thought out voice track really adds value.