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Our Listeners Usual Humour Kicks In With Earthquake Song Suggestions

Written by on 8th September 2020

As Leighton Buzzard was rocked with a 3.6 richter scale earthquake this morning it wasn’t long after the dust settled that our listeners added their suggestions to our Earthquake song list.

We started things of with Earthquake by Labrinth but the list soon grew

Jen Mander

Rock this Town – Stray Cats! 😼
Boom, shake shake shake the room! 😁
Fiona Pickard
Can you feel it – Jackson 5
Claire Cossey
Let’s get ready to rumble!
Steve Mash
I feel the earth move -carole King
Ian Davison
Hey Ya – OutKast. Shake it like a Polaroid picture 🙂
David Bligh
Shake, rattle and roll – Big Joe Turner
Declen Stephen O’Shea and Richard 3361
shakin’ all over- Johnny Kidd
Ian Davison
Fault Line – Deep Purple
Sonny Nathan
Shakermaker – Oasis
Declen Stephen O’Shea
all shook up- Elvis

We added a couple of our own choices into the mix with Shakermaker, Shake It Off, Bodyshakin and Shake Your Body.