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Can the Can in the Royal Albert Hall – Suzi Live in 2021

Written by on 14th December 2020

by Stephen Payne

One of the great rock acts of the 70’s Suzi Quatro will be appearing in the Royal Albert Hall the year after next on 20 April 2022. At that point, it means that Suzi would have been in the business for an amazing 58 years. This announcement comes as the star released her Christmas album “My Heart and Soul (I Need you Home for Christmas)” on 4 December.

Suzi Quatro was one of the first female rock and roll acts. That’s not to say that singers, and groups didn’t come before her, but few had such a large impact on the industry. So, how did she achieve this stardom?

Born in Detroit, Michigan, to Italian immigrants, Quatro came from a musical family. Her father was a semi-professional musician but still had to work at General Motors to support his large family. Quatro received formal training in classical piano and percussion but she taught herself how to play guitar and bass. Her father presented her with his guitar in 1964 which she still possesses to this day.

Through her early years Suzi joined up with and played in a number of groups and bands. From here father Jazz band, to Go Go dancer on television and members of her sisters Garage Rock band. Suzi saw a lot of different sides of the industry, but nothing quite felt right.

Quatro moved to England in 1971. She gained interest from a few managers and record labels with her own work. Most wanted her to fill the gap left by the death of Janis Joplin in music, but Suzi didn’t want to follow someone, she wanted her own space. She spent the next year living in a hotel, practicing her skills and maturing, trying to understand what she wanted to be. Eventually, she joined up with the Record producer Mickie Most, who had just found his own record label Rak Records. She joined up with him because he let her use her own image.

Quatros first single “Rolling Stone” was a hit in Portugal and reached number one. After this point, Suzi auditioned bands to join her and in 1972 embarked as a support act across the UK. This tour had names such as Thin Lizzy and was headlined by Slade. During this tour to save money Micky Most arranged for her to borrow Thin Lizzy’s equipment to save money.

In May 1973 her second single “Can the Can.” Was a number one hit in parts of Europe and Australia. This would be followed by a number of hits that would catapult her into stardom. While she never quite had the same impact on her home market, Suzi Quattro was loved in the Uk and Europe. Now, who would turn down the chance to see a rock legend in 2022? I know I’m going.